Quick Solutions India considers the protection of the privacy of its visitors as its first and foremost priority. We fully protect the data or information that our audience has given us. Because your trust in this organization of ours is the only victory for our work. So let us know how and where we use the data provided by you. This Privacy Policy relates only to our online activities and applies only to any audience that engages with us and shares data or information. This policy does not apply to such data which is obtained offline or from other channels or any different website. 

About the use of data that we collected 

When our platform asks you to share some personal data, we make it clear at that time why we are asking you for this data. To make a business successful in the digital market, some important documents or data are required. We use your data only to take your business to new heights of success and not to misuse them. Some of the better examples are presented below:
❖ Understand and research how you utilize our website
❖ To find our shortcomings and update them
❖ To materialize new products, features, services, and functionality
❖ To maintain the coordination between you and us, so that we can grow your business with the best understanding.
❖ We store your data in the form of cookies, which are completely legal and fair. With the help of this, we share data with you related to offers, discounts, and services.



All material available on Quick Solution India, such as content, logos, images, icons, videos, graphics, and software, is our integral property. We reserve this property of ours and hold the copyright. We do not accept plagiarism on this integral property of ours. If anyone does this, Quick Solution India can take legal action against it.


CCPA (Central Consumer Protection Authority) Privacy rights:

According to CCPA, we encourage, protect and prosecute the rights of consumers. We do not violate the rights of consumers under any circumstances; we respect them. As a consumer, you have the right to know all kinds of information about our services, such as the quality, potency, and standard of our services. Your legitimate faith in our organization is the victory of our work. That’s why we do not include any kind of unfair and restricted efforts in our trade policies.

Payment and Refund Policy:

Quick Solutions India accepts all types of payments only through the standard payment modes set by it. We execute the entire process of our services to the clients only with their consent to maintain legitimate trust with them. That’s why we do not provide a half or full refund facility on any type of service. We are clearly mentioning this, under any circumstances we will not return the money given to you. Before providing any service, we give you all kinds of information about it. Once you have purchased a package after your consent, you cannot cancel it later. You can use cheque, net banking, PayPal, and some other standard payment modes to purchase any of our services.


Quick Solution India does not take responsibility for the results, accuracy, completeness, reliability, under any circumstances. You also know that investment is necessary to make the business successful. We are an experienced guide in the path of your business success, who are ready to make your business successful with the help of our profitable endeavors. So come at your own risk and responsibility to avail yourself of any of our services. Quick Solutions India is not responsible in any circumstances for damage or loss caused to your business by using our services.

Third Party Disclosure

We assure you that we do not share the data or information given by you with any third party and do not sell it. We only share this data or information with our website hosting partners and other parties that engage with us. Because with their help, we create a customized platform for you which helps you achieve your business goals. Your data remains completely secure on this platform.


Changes in our privacy policies

Quick Solutions India may make changes to its Privacy Policy from time to time without notice to you according to its need to protect its rights. We may not notice you after making changes to the privacy policies. We would advise you to read our policies thoroughly before availing any
services, understand them and then use our profitable services.

If you need any kind of solution or information regarding our website, then contact us as soon as possible. Our support team is always ready 24*7 to help your 3 business grow.